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Free Webinar: Email Management Strategy

One of the great benefits of being a Baton Rouge Lafayette ARMA Chapter member is that you get access to our selected “Session of the Month.” Each month, we’ll have access to a free webinar courtesy of ARMA International and MER.

Here’s what we’ve selected for August!

Case Study: Planning and Deploying an Email Management Strategy

Managing business e-mails records is a priority for all organizations. This web seminar details the successful implementation of an Enterprise E-Mail Management Program at HCSC (a large health insurance provider).

This web seminar focuses on how seven major challenges were addressed:

  • Organizational Support – methods for building an organizational support structure to champion the initiative,
  • Management Support – examples of hard and soft business case benefits that were helpful to obtaining program support,
  • Program funding – overview of a “real world” strategy to obtain approval/funding,
  • Organizational change management – change management principles that worked for this program,
  • Education – practical ways to educate the enterprise and change the culture,
  • Policy development – development and implementation of records management policies policy develop, and
  • Technological implementation – practical ways to implement e-mail management technology

Gain valuable insights, suggestions and lessons learned from HCSC’s experience and success.

How to view the session

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2. Click on My ARMA (near the top left of the screen).
3. Under the Chapter Memberships section, click on the available Education Link.

View the webinar and then comment back here to let us know what you thought about the session!