Half Way There! CRM Prep Series

Half Way There! CRM Prep Series

Can you believe it? We are already half way through our year long series designed to help our members prepare to take the CRM (Certified Records Manager) exam. We’re getting great feedback on this series so far and we’re so glad that it’s been helpful for you.

The CRM is a great credential that shows that you are truly prepared to take on a career in the records and information management field. If you’re thinking about taking the CRM exam (or just want to learn more about the content), but haven’t attended the meetings so far, you’re still welcome to join us! Each session is a stand-alone  presentation, so join us anytime.

During the CRM Prep Series, our local CRMs will present the official content of the ICRM study curriculum. We’ll also hear from speakers on a variety of topics that are relevant to the exam.

If you are planning to study for the exam, you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve got a study group in the works, plus we’re building a collaborative resource bank of all our presentations and study materials. All chapter members will have access to our resources, and anyone who attends a meeting will have access for a year. We’ll send out more information about this exciting collaborative effort shortly.

Even if you don’t plan to take the exam, these meetings will still be an excellent way to further your records management knowledge. We look forward to continuing on our CRM Prep Series journey!

Upcoming Meeting Dates

May 4
June 1
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