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Free Webinar: Retention Schedules

We all know this scene – endless boxes of paper records filling a warehouse, electronic documents scattered across a shared network… it can be difficult to know how long we need to keep everything, not to mention how to get rid of it. This month, the Baton Rouge Lafayette ARMA Chapter is giving our members access to a great free webinar that can help. But hurry! The webinar is only available until September 30. Watch the session and then comment here to let us know what you thought!

Applying Retention Schedules Successfully – To Both Paper and Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

Despite their best efforts, many companies haven’t been able to devise retention schedules that can be applied to both their paper records and electronically-stored information (ESI). Records categories that are too broadly written can lead to unnecessary records retention, make finding specific information time-consuming, and result in higher recordkeeping and discovery costs. Conversely, retention schedules that are too detailed aren’t easy to maintain or use. Having the right blend of specificity and universality isn’t impossible – it just takes understanding some key considerations.

This web seminar addresses:
• Integrating conflicting statutory and regulatory requirements from different jurisdictions in ways that address different organizations’ unique cultures and needs.
• Learning when to limit the number of different retention time periods.
• Recognizing different options to handle “event-based” retention periods.
• Incorporating helpful tools so that employees can easily find the retention periods that apply to their most frequently used records.
• Balancing IT’s seemingly contradictory needs: Fewer retention periods that can be applied to broader groups of records and sufficiently detailed retention specifications that can be applied to specific tables of data within large, integrated business systems.

How to view the session

1. Log on to using your username and password.
2. Click on My ARMA (near the top left of the screen).
3. Under the Chapter Memberships section, click on the available Education Link.