Free Webinar: Managing Social Media Records

Free Webinar: Managing Social Media Records

This month, Baton Rouge Lafayette ARMA Chapter members have access to a free webinar on managing social media records. This webinar is available through October 31. Let us know if you watched the session, or if there are any other topics that you’d like to see us focus on.

What’s the Use? Managing Records of Social Media

All organizations and individuals use social media to communicate in a variety of ways:
• From… disseminating information – in an essentially Web 1.0 manner
• Through… using that information interactively – which can range from two-way communications between the sponsor and a targeted community to actually transacting business
• To… using the technology to enable new ways of doing business – and even new businesses.

Regardless of the way social media are used, using them in the conduct of affairs creates a need for identifying, preserving, and managing the records produced or acquired in connection with social media applications. Independent of the specific social media technology used, the requirements for retaining and managing records should be based on and also responsive to the business’s needs and objectives.

This web seminar introduces concepts and criteria that all types of organizations (federal agencies, state and local governments, as well as businesses) can use to determine:
• What records need to be captured and
• How records should be managed when social media are used for organizational purposes.

This web seminar includes illustrations of how these concepts and criteria can be used to determine a records management approach in different contexts – based on an analysis of dozens of social media applications implemented by the National Archives and Records Administration.

How to view the session

1. Log on to using your username and password.
2. Click on My ARMA (near the top left of the screen).
3. Under the Chapter Memberships section, click on the available Education Link.