Free Webinar: Disposing of Legacy Data

Free Webinar: Disposing of Legacy Data

Each month, the Baton Rouge Lafayette ARMA Chapter gives our members exclusive access to great educational content. In November, we’re bringing you:

Disposing of the Difficult: Legacy Data Management – The Missing Part of Most E-records Programs

Most organizations accumulate vast volumes of data that are no longer needed – yet no one is willing to impose good management practices and discard it. Typically, this is due to fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD):

  • Fear of sanctions if discoverable information is deleted,
  • Uncertainty about the content of files shares and tapes, and
  • Doubt about who has the responsibility to make disposition decisions about unneeded legacy data.

FUD has resulted in a practice of “keep everything” because no one is willing to make disposition decisions regarding this legacy data.

  • The legal reality: when this legacy data becomes subject to discovery in a law suit or an investigation, it is a potentially massive cost landmine.
  • The cost reality: when resources are spent to maintain and back up unneeded data it is an unnecessary cost and an immediate opportunity for substantial savings.

In this web seminar, guidance is provided for your organization to achieve both tremendous risk reduction as well as significant and immediate cost savings.

Learn how to get rid of legacy data which an organization has no current legal or business responsibility to maintain – using a proven and defensible process.

A framework for completing a legacy data management project are provided, and include:

  • Providing tips for getting records disposition “sign-offs” from in-house and outside counsel,
  • Understanding the elements necessary for the successful defensibility of data disposition,
  • Proving the ROI to senior management,
  • Developing an inventory of loose media and conducting interviews to obtain information regarding the media, and
  • Establishing an on-going process to prevent the future unnecessary retention of data and media.

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Image: Delete! by Adriaan Goossens is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0